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You have many variables to consider when selecting a company to develop, maintain and host your website.  Everyone knows someone who claims to know how to make a web page. Some people even think that their teenager can do the job!  We disagree.  After all, anyone can draw a picture, but there’s quite a difference between your child’s adorable sketch and a similar rendering by a professional artist. 

Your website will be a major gateway to your practice, and the quality of your professional services should be reflected in the quality and functionality of your website. We believe it is essential to choose a professional to develop your website. 

Internet Practice Solutions offers many advantages over your other web development options.  Our emphasis on quality produces a website design far superior to homemade web pages, and we provide many added benefits and services that place us ahead of other web development companies. We provide a comprehensive package of Internet services specifically developed to meet the needs of professional practitioners. 

We want to be your professional website developer. Here are ten reasons why you should choose Internet Practice Solutions to develop and host your website:

1.    We specialize in developing, hosting, and managing websites for professional practices.  We don’t create websites for bakeries or clothing stores, we create websites for healthcare professionals, accountants, attorneys, and consultants. We don’t cater to a few large companies who can monopolize most of our time and energy, we cater to many successful practitioners and small independent businesses providing professional services to the public. Developing websites for professional practices is our main business, not a sideline.

2.    Internet Practice Solutions offers a full range of Internet solutions for your practice, including website design, hosting services, domain registration, website maintenance, an online professional directory, online publishing opportunities, and Internet marketing and consulting services.

3.    We provide personal service.  We understand that you are a busy professional, and we will make every effort to tailor our work schedule to fit your practice routine.

4.    Our reputation is as important to us, as your reputation is to you. We want to build a long term relationship between your business and our business, so customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We provide quality service at a reasonable price.

5.    We will list your practice in a Professional Directory, with a link directly to your website. We are creating a Professional Directory for each of the professions we service to highlight the practices of our clients, and to help your potential clients/patients find your website. Our initial directories have achieved a Top Ten rating on many of the major search engines, and we plan to develop top rated directories for all the professions, and throughout the United States.

6.    We publish a Public Information Center, connected to the Directory for each profession.  Information has proven to attract both clients/patients and search engines.  We allow our professional clients to publish articles in the Public Information Center.  These articles, which are linked to your website, can highlight your expertise, and attract more traffic to your website.

7.    We combine professional web design, hosting services, website maintenance and Internet marketing in one company. This allows you to avoid the incompatibility problems that may occur when two or more technology companies must interface. And, by maintaining your website separately from your Internet Service Provider, you are free to change providers at any time without disrupting your website. As an added benefit, our website services are usually less expensive than other options.  You can concentrate on running your practice, and we will manage your website for you.

8.    We know why you want a website - To Build Your Practice. We can answer all of your questions about advanced Internet technology options for your website.  This allows you to make informed decisions about what to include on your website, and why you should not include certain high tech options.  We specialize in creating websites that work with all browsers and across all platforms.

9.    We pledge to maintain our technical skills, and to continue to develop new skills as Internet technology advances, so you can focus your attention on your practice, instead of spending your valuable time becoming an Internet technology expert. 

10. We provide you with a free Newsletter to keep you informed about Internet advances, track visitor traffic to the Directory for your profession, and explain additional services we offer.  The Newsletter also directs you to additional online information and resources for your profession. 

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