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Website Design Catalog

We have developed an Online Website Design Catalog with several hundred designs, to help you select your website design when it is most convenient for you.  However, the catalog is password protected, and only accessible to our customers.

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What is in the Website Design Catalog?

  • Several hundred web page designs - We have created sample web pages with each design, so you can see how the design looks online. New designs are being added regularly, and we can always design a custom look for your website if you provide an example of what you want, either as a sketch or from an existing website.  please be aware that we cannot “borrow” the design from another website, as web graphics are subject to copyright protection. However, we can often create a similar design, unique to your website.
  • Examples of options designed for specific professions - We have some graphic designs suitable for specific professions.  The examples provided will help you focus on the image you want for your practice.
  • Examples of some of the stock graphics available for your website - We have an inventory of over one million photos and clipart images in our graphics library. We have begun compiling samples of photos and images we think are suitable for practice websites, to help you add graphic design elements to your website. If you provide us with some idea of the type of graphic you would like to use on your website, we can usually locate several examples for you from our library.
  • Sample practice websites that combine a basic design with options - Sometimes it can be difficult to envision your finished website, even with the full page examples. We have selected several designs to demonstrate how you can combine your unique ideas and information with the design styles available. This is an ongoing project.

Meanwhile, please contact us if you would like to see examples of our work. We would be pleased to provide you with a list of practice websites we have developed.

Remember, you need the password to access the Website Design Catalog through the link below!  Please contact us for the login and password at

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