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We do not restrict your website plans in any way. You can choose one of our Design Packages, using any design from our extensive online catalog. You can even provide your own design, for an additional fee. We can also develop a custom design for you, also additional, based on the ideas you present to us. We can even model your website after an existing website, if you provide the URL address. However, we cannot use the graphics from another website without permission, due to copyright laws.

We have come to realize that the greatest obstacle to developing a practice website is the initial website development cost. Since we are a full service web development company serving practice professionals, we wish to develop a long term client relationship with you, to host your website, maintain it, and revise it as you wish. If you also choose our hosting service for your practice website, we will allow you to pay the website development fees over the course of one year, at no extra charge. We can provide all the details regarding payment plans in our initial telephone consultation. 

We have only two requirements for a payment plan:

  1. You agree to a minimum one year contract for design and hosting your website. After one year, you can continue to use our hosting services, or move your website to another server. Our monthly hosting fees are guaranteed for the initial one year contract. There is no hosting contract requirement if you pay the website development costs in full when your website is completed.
  2. You pay an initial deposit of $150.00 plus domain registration costs and the first month’s hosting fee. (Hosting is $15.00 per month). Future monthly payments are automatically billed to your Visa or MasterCard account. This reduces our overhead costs by eliminating monthly bills and collection. We provide you with advance notification of all monthly recurring charges for the first year upon completion of your website. If there are any additional charges during the year (for additional website revisions) we will notify you by e-mail prior to billing. If you prefer to pay by check, we will provide you with one bill detailing the monthly charges for the year upon completion of your website. You will be responsible for remitting payment on time without additional billing notices. If there are additional charges during the year for revisions, you will be billed by e-mail only.

Choose the following Website Design Packages and Services:

We offer One Page Websites for professionals who want a basic Internet presence. We do not recommend a one page website, because the real value of Internet marketing for your practice is your ability to present detailed information about your education, experience and services. However, if you only want a simple one page website, we can help you, at a very reasonable cost. Click here for more information!

Basic Professional Practice Website ($275.00 plus hosting)

We believe that a practice website should contain a minimum of three web pages. This allows you to present an overview of your practice, review your experience and educational background, and describe the services you provide, problems addressed, and other practice issues. If you have not already registered a domain name, we can also do this for you for a small additional charge. Hosting charges are $15.00 per month.

The Basic Professional Practice Website Package includes:

  • Maximum of three separate web pages linked together
  • Page layout and design selected from our catalog, including coordinated banners, buttons, and background colors
  • Editing and placement of your photo on your website when provided in electronic format
  • Navigation bar on every page (vertical or horizontal)
  • Rollover buttons (Java script) included at no extra cost on all Navigation bars
  • E-mail alias linked to any standard e-mail address
  • External links to other websites when you provide the URLs
  • Listing in our Online Directory for your profession, with a link to your website from your listing
  • Two months of free hosting for one professional article on either our Health or Psychology Information websites (Ask for information about this service when you contact us. This is an additional practice marketing service available only at Internet Practice Solutions.)
  • Site testing after uploading
  • Unlimited repair of broken links or improperly loading images

Expanded Professional Practice Website Package

Three web pages is a minimal professional website and does not take advantage of the power of the Internet to become the focal point for all of your practice marketing activities. Ideally, you should have copies of all of your “hard copy” marketing materials online, as well as additional information to expand on the message presented in handouts and brochures. You can develop niche marketing online by focusing on specific problems or services. You can also demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by reproducing articles previously published in newsletters, journals and other publications. Some professionals put many of their office forms online, so their clients or patients can complete the registration process more easily on their first visit.

It is easier, and less expensive, to add additional pages when you first design your website, but you can add or revise your website at any time. Since most pages are linked through a navigation bar, every time you add another page, you must revise the navigation bar on all of the other pages on the website. If you start with an expanded website, the cost for each additional page of information is less.

In fact, we encourage you to create a practice website with lots of information for consumers by discounting the cost of the additional pages. The actual cost will depend on the number of pages and the complexity of the website. We will establish a cost for the website prior to beginning work, so you will not experience “sticker shock” when the work is complete. The only additional charges beyond the original cost estimate would be for additional additions or changes after the estimate was provided. As an example, a basic three page website costs $275.00, but a twelve page website may only cost about $700.00, not $1100.00 as you might expect.

Remember, the actual cost of your website will depend on the design and complexity of the website. With our deferred payment plan, your monthly cost for the first year will usually be $100 or less, plus hosting charges, and then only $15 per month once the development costs are paid.

Here are some examples of additional information you might want to include on your practice website:

  • Practice overview and philosophy of treatment 
  • Detailed description of each service you offer on a separate page (This could be 3 to 5 pages, or as many as 15 pages)
  • List your participation in various insurance plans
  • Describe your fees and billing practices
  • Describe any specialized experience or training you have completed (This could be 1 to 2 pages, or as many as 5 additional pages)
  • Reprint all of your practice handouts online
  • Reprint practice newsletter articles online
  • List your professional accomplishments on an “awards” page
  • Identify and describe your niche practice specialties with a separate page for each specialty (This might include 1 to 5 specialties)
  • For group practices, a separate bib page for each professional with a photo on each bio page
  • Contact information and office hours
  • Directions from all major highway routes and/or public transportation routes. You might want to include a map.
  • Any other information you believe will encourage consumers to contact your office to make an appointment

One-Page Website

The design and development costs for a one-page website are $125.00, and the hosting fees (required) are $99.00 per year for a shared domain or $130 per year for a private domain (plus domain registration fees). There are no hidden extras or options. You can choose from a selection of website designs specifically chosen to enhance your professional image. You can even include a personal photo, or a graphic from our image inventory of over one million images. This site will put you on the Internet, and can be upgraded or expanded at any time.

The cost to upgrade a One-Page Website to any other Website Design Package Website is based on the package chosen, and the amount of time remaining on the annual One-Page hosting contract. Generally, unused hosting fees will be prorated toward the cost of the larger website design. If you retain the same Design for the larger website, an additional discount will be provided. You can retain your original website address when you upgrade, or select a private domain. If you switch from a shared domain to a private domain, you can choose (for a small fee) to retain a linking page from the old address, to ensure that you do not lose any referrals. 


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