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We are developing an online Directory for each profession. Currently, we have a National Directory for psychologists, and a New Jersey directory for all healthcare professions. We will be developing additional directories according to our customer needs. These directories provide a central Internet location listing licensed or certified professionals.   Anyone wishing to locate a professional can consult the appropriate Directory to obtain practice information, contact information and a link to the websites of the listed professionals. 

Listing In the Professional Directory

All licensed or certified professionals can be listed in the Directory for their profession. This is not a referral service, and no claims are made regarding anyone listed.  Each profession has a separate Directory.  All listed professionals stipulate that they are licensed, certified or otherwise authorized to practice in the state where they are listed. However, the Professional Directory, and Internet Practice Solutions, cannot guarantee the credentials of listed professionals. Anyone using the Directory should request validation of a license or certification to practice when they contact a professional from the Directory.  The State Licensing Boards for each profession can also validate the certification or license status of anyone listed. 

How to Request a Listing

Currently, we maintain the National Directory of Psychologists and New Jersey directories for all health care professions.

Any licensed professional can request a listing in the Directory. You are asked to provide the following information: 

  • Name and degree
  • Profession
  • Are you licensed?
  • State of license or certification and license number
  • Office address
  • Office telephone
  • Office fax number
  • E-mail address (not listed in directory, but used for verification of listing accuracy - required but not published)
  • Website address
  • Practice Specialties

You may omit any of the requested information, except your name, your profession and the city and state where you practice. We will not publish your e-mail address, but require it so we may send you our Newsletter, and verify that your listing is correct on a regular basis.

Send this information to: 

Internet Practice Solutions  at

Benefits to Listing Your Practice in the Professional Directory:

  • Assists prospective clients in locating your website
  • Allows prospective clients to search for professionals in a specific geographic area
  • Provides contact information for other professionals seeking to make referrals 
  • Encourages Internet networking with other professionals
  • Assists current clients in locating your website, and learning about your available services
  • Free Directory Newsletter includes:  Directory traffic statistics; practice marketing tips; and online resources for your profession

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