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What is a Domain?

A domain is an address, or a home, on the Internet.  Domains have two parts, the unique address, and the primary domain designation. The primary designation refers to the type of domain, such as .edu for educational institutions, or .com for commercial websites. Upper level domains for businesses typically use .com, .net, or .org domain designations.  More recently other domains have been released, such as .tv, .md and .info.

Do I Need a Domain Name?

You have two choices for your website, register your own domain name, or place your website on one of our shared domains.  Generally, we recommend that you register your own domain name.  The price is minimal, and it establishes an Internet address for your business that is permanent and portable. 

However, if you do not wish to register your own domain, we do offer shared domains appropriate for each of the professions.  While other hosting services offer generic domain sharing that simple advertises their services, we have registered domains appropriate to many different professions, to give you a shared domain choice that will not diminish the value of your website. The monthly hosting charges are identical, and your website will function in almost every way as if you had your own unique domain name, but you will save the domain registration fees, and server setup fees.

What is the difference between a Shared Domain and a Unique Domain website?

Shared Domains: Your website is placed in a unique directory under a domain shared by other professionals.  None of your website files or graphics are accessible by any other professional, and there are no shared files.  As an example, is one of our shared domains.  A physician wanting a shared domain could choose this address:

A shared domain eliminates the time spent choosing a domain name, and the cost of registering with the InterNIC.  We provide shared domains for all professionals who do not wish to register a unique domain.

Unique Domains: There are several organizations with the authority to assign and register domain names.  All of these companies enter the name into the Internic directory, which is used by every ISP in the world to locate specific domains on host computers.  We are not a Domain Registering authority, but we do receive a volume discount on the registration fees. This allows us to register your domain for you, and yet charge you less than the standard registration fee.  You can register your domain on your own, or we will take care of all the paperwork for you!

How do I choose a Domain name?

Many professionals are concerned that all the “good names” are already taken. But, in a professional practice, your identity is often tied to your practice name. We suggest you consider using your practice name, or a short derivative, as your domain name. As an alternative, we recommend that you pick a Domain name that matches your business identity, and will help your clients/patients identify your practice. We can even help you select a name by searching the web to see if your choice is available. The same physician in the shared domain example might choose this as a unique domain address:

Domain Registration Fees

Domain registration fees have been dropping recently.  Currently, we are charging $30.00 for the initial two year registration, and we complete all the paperwork for you. Thereafter, annual renewal costs $15.00 per year. This fee is subject to change without notice, as it is based on the fees charged by the registration companies. We hope the fees will continue to decrease.

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