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Graphics Editing and Image Scanning

Our website design packages include basic graphics, such as heading banners and navigation bar buttons.  Custom graphics, animation, and photographs can be added to your website for a small additional cost. We can scan your company logo, include photos of your staff, or provide a tour of your offices.  We can also design maps to help new clients/patients locate your offices.

Graphic Design Services:

  • Custom Banners Static   
  • Custom Banners Animated 
  • Clipart and Line art  (w/editing)
  • Photographs  (with editing)
  • Image scanning and editing
  • Java Script        
  • Custom Logo Design                       
  • Custom Backgrounds                 
  • Custom Buttons                     
  • Content Authoring                  
  • Other custom graphics              

$ 60.00 each  
$ 80.00 each  
$ 30.00 each  
$ 40.00 each
$ 50.00 /hr.
$ 75.00 /hr.
$ 95.00/hr. 
$ 75.00/hr. 
$ 25.00 per set 
$ 75.00/hr.
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