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What is Website Hosting?

Website hosting is the placement of your website on an Internet server, so that everyone can have access to your website. Hosting a website includes the cost of maintaining space on the server, providing high speed Internet access lines to and from the server, and all server maintenance. Our servers are backed up on a daily basis, and are maintained with a 24 hour technical support staff to insure maximum online performance. The servers are also equipped with diesel engine power backup systems, to insure access even during power outages.

Hosting charges continue for as long as you have your website online. We charge only $15.00 per month for hosting your website. Plus, when we host your professional website, you also are eligible for discount pricing for hosting online articles on our mental health or healthcare websites. (We manage Psychology Information Online, which receives several million hits per month, and New Jersey Health online, which provides general healthcare information.

Our hosting charges include basic maintenance, such as repairing broken links, and non-loading images, if we developed your website and provide hosting your your website. If you discover that one of your links stops functioning, or if an image does not load properly on a regular basis, we will investigate the problem and make the necessary repairs at no additional cost to you, if you purchased one of our Website Design Packages and use our hosting services. Once you move your website to another server, we are no longer responsible for maintenance and repair.

If you already have a website, completely developed, and you are only interested in hosting charges, or hosting plus website maintenance, please contact us to discuss your situation. But, we specialize in hosting professional practice websites, and websites for independent consultants, and generally do not host websites requiring credit card transactions, database management, bulletin boards, or chat rooms. Those services use excessive computer resources, and this detracts from the bandwidth and CPU resources available for our other customers. Website hosting charges are recurring monthly charges, for as long as your website is hosted on the Internet.

Web Hosting Charges

Our hosting fees are very competitive, among the lowest available for a professional website. We do not require you to post any advertising on your website, or detract from your professional image in any way, in order to receive these low fees. Our Website Design Packages provide you with a very economical way to develop and maintain a web presence for your professional practice. We do not currently limit the overall size of your website, and can easily accommodate websites larger than those described in our Website Design Packages. We realize that you want more traffic on your website, so we do not currently charge any additional fees for a higher volume of traffic on your website. 

Our fees are the same, whether you own a unique domain, or wish to share one of our professional domain names.  A shared domain is exactly what it appears to be, you share a domain with other professionals.  We maintain a number of domain names appropriate for each profession, and allow practitioners to share these domains, at no additional charge, if you wish. Your website remains separate and distinct from other professionals, and does not include any advertising for our services. The choice is yours, a unique domain, or sharing one of our domains. 

One-Page Website hosting fees are only $99.00 per year, paid on an annual basis in advance. See Website Design services for more details. 

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