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Internet Practice Solutions is developing a Professional Directory for each profession.  Currently, we have a National Directory for Psychologists, and Directories for all healthcare professionals in New Jersey.

A Public Information Center is connected to each of our professional directories. The Information Center contains general information about the profession, such as training and areas of expertise, and may also contain links to general information websites for the profession. Additionally, the Information Center publishes consumer articles written by professionals who wish to highlight their specialty areas, or address how a particular problem or issue can be resolved within their area of expertise.  These consumer articles contain bylines, contact information, and are linked directly to your website.

The developers of Internet Practice Solutions have learned through experience that content rich websites receive more traffic from both prospective clients/patients and search engines.  Most practice websites are too small to be indexed at the top of searches by the major search engines.  But, a general information website, like the Public Information Centers, with articles written by professionals, will often be ranked highly by the major search engines. The Public Information Centers bring together articles written by professionals within each field, and provide useful information about the field, so the website will receive more traffic.  This benefits all professionals listed in the Professional Directory, because of the links between the Public Information Center and the Professional Directory.  Since each article contains information about the professional author, and a link to the author’s website, publishing articles can help increase traffic to the author’s website.

Does this marketing approach work?  The developers of Internet Practice Solutions tested this concept by developing Psychology Information Online (, a general information website for psychology, connected to the National Directory of Psychologists.  Psychology Information Online is content rich, with web pages covering a broad range of topics related to the practice of psychology. As a result, Psychology Information Online frequently ranks in the top 10, 20, or 30 for many keywords related to psychology.  Psychology Information Online currently receives well over one million hits per month, and contains a link on every web page to the National Directory of Psychologists  We are using this model to develop the Public Information Centers for each of the Professional Directories we service. NJ Health Online is another example of this concept.

Why Publish an Article Online?

Publishing an article online can increase the traffic to your website by highlighting your expertise. Visitors to the Professional Directory or the Public Information Center for your profession are likely to be interested in information about a specific problem or issue.  When you publish an article online, you provide educational information about a topic, while also demonstrating your knowledge of that topic. This encourages readers to visit your website. 

"Publication of an article in the Public Information Center
for your profession can dramatically increase
your visibility online. Since each article contains your
byline and a link to your website, it allows you to use
the popularity of the Public Information Center to bring
more web surfers to your own website."

Publication Costs

Review, Editing and Page Setup – Internet Practice Solutions will review the proposed article, and edit the content as needed for publication in the Information Center. We will assume the cost of converting your article into a web page, and merging it into the general content of the Public Information Center. If major revisions are needed, we will return the article to you, with suggestions for revision.  If we reject the article for inclusion in the Public Information Center, there will be no charge for reviewing your submission. We cannot provide detailed comments regarding rejected articles. 

Monthly Hosting Charges - $30.00 per month per article. The initial publication contract is for one year. This fee covers the cost of hosting the article web page, maintaining the links on our server, and publication costs.  The articles published in the Public Information Centers are intended to attract visitors both to the Professional Directory and to your practice website.  Each article will include contact information, and a link to your website.

Please contact us at if you are interested in online publishing.

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