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A website is unlike any other marketing tool.  Before the development of the Internet, it was impossible for professionals to adequately describe their training and experience, or to present a comprehensive description of the services available in their practices in a way that was both meaningful and affordable, yet accessible by large numbers of prospective clients. 

Your practice website is the most important marketing tool
available to you,
and it needs to be both professional and useful.

We specialize in developing practice websites because we understand the needs of a professional practice, and have personal experience marketing professional services. We have examined many practice websites, and have identified presentation strategies that we think are effective, while also learning that some high tech “bells and whistles” do not belong on a practice website. 

Our goal is not to develop the most attractive and technologically sophisticated website possible for your practice.

Fancy websites look great, and we might be impressed by high tech gimmicks, but gimmicks and elaborate graphics also distract us from the content of the website. And for a professional practice, the content of the website is the most important element.

Our goal is to help you develop the most effective website
possible for your practice. 

To be effective, your website needs to be well organized, pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate, fast loading, and full of useful information. But most importantly, your website should invite prospective clients to contact you to discuss their needs and to ask for your professional assistance. 

A website can be one page, several pages, or several hundred pages. We believe that you cannot adequately present your practice in one page, although you can certainly introduce yourself, and your practice, in one page. We will provide whatever guidance you need to develop a website that properly presents your practice to the world.

Most practice websites are between three and 25 web pages, depending on the services presented, the depth and detail of the service descriptions, the number of professionals in the practice, and the creativity of your design team. You may want to begin with a basic practice website, and add more details about your practice over time, or you may prefer to start with a comprehensive website. It all depends on your needs, and your budget. No matter how you begin, keep in mind that websites are designed to evolve over time, as your practice changes and develops. 

We want to develop a long term business relationship with you, providing Internet consulting services, hosting your website, and maintaining your website as a dynamic marketing tool for your practice. To that end, we have put together design and hosting packages that do not require you to pay large upfront development fees. We also include regular maintenance of your website into our charges, so you can revise your website when you want, but still predict your budget. Customer satisfaction is as important to our business, as it is to you in your practice.

We will build your website one page at a time, or you can take advantage of one of our website packages which bundle services together to save you money. Once your website is complete, you can always update, expand, or revise your website for a reasonable fee. We also offer maintenance packages that allow monthly updates to your website at discounted prices.

You provide the content for your website, including text and pictures for your pages. We arrange the content, add selected graphics and scripting, organize your content, design an attractive layout for the website, and link the pages together.

To help you develop your website as easily as possible, we have developed an Online Design Catalog. The catalog contains hundreds of sample web pages, featuring examples of many of the options available to you. We believe it is easier to select a website design when you can see the design online. After you decide on the Design Package best suited for your practice, please contact us for your password to access the Online Design Catalog.

Website Design Packages

We have developed several design packages which bundle services together, and provide a discount. All of our design packages can be modified to suit your needs. Follow the links below to review the contents of each package, or review all Design Packages:

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